How to Become a Travel Vlogger/Blogger


Becoming a digital nomad means working online and using this to be able to work from anywhere in the world and travel from country to country. A digital nomad is someone who works out of cafes, bars and pubs – anywhere that has an internet connection. They work while soaking up the atmosphere of foreign countries during the evenings and then during the day, they go and explore these new territories.

But there are many different types of work that a digital nomad can do online. Some will be writers or web designers and generally provide services. Others will run a blog and make money from that. But why not tie your work into the travelling? Why not get paid to explore?

The Business Models

There are two basic ways to do this. One is to create your own channel such as a website or a YouTube channel and then to build an audience for that medium. You can then populate the page with ads – either ‘pay per click’ ads or sponsored banner ads, and then make money as your audience grows. You can also monetize a site like this by selling your own digital products (perhaps a book on how to live this lifestyle) or selling ‘affiliate products’.

The other option is to work for someone. In this case, you simply have to find a popular travel blog or YouTube channel and explain that you’re going to be travelling and would love to sell your work. You might need more than one site to get enough business but either way, it will help to have some kind of channel of your own ready-made which you can use almost like a kind of ‘CV’.

Some Tips

Now you can travel and work at the same time by turning your travel into your work.

If you’re vlogging, you’re going to need a good camera. This should be HD or 4K, should be good for selfies (ideally with a rotating screen) and it should have a good built-in microphone or at least a jack where you can plug in an external mic.

Now try to film whenever you see something impressive or worth talking about. When you get back to the hotel or hostel, you can edit this all into one long video and that’s how a vlog is made!

If you’re writing blog posts on the other hand, then you simply need to make mental notes of all the interesting things that happen as you go about your travels. Try to look for interesting angles and stories – don’t simply report on what you’ve seen. Talk about the actual experience of travelling and of living in these foreign countries. Try to find angles that haven’t been covered a thousand times before.

Another tip is to try and be active on social media, as you can use this to build your brand. Particularly good for this kind of thing is Instagram, which will let you tell the story of your travels so others can live vicariously through your experiences. Give live video streaming a try too though!